COVID-19: Staying safe whilst walking & cycling

Lucy JohnstonNews

Updated 24th August

Walking and cycling remain effective ways to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Under current guidelines from the Scottish government you can continue to get outdoors for exercise such as running, walking or cycling.

You should continue to exercise responsibly in line with physical distancing guidance by staying more than 2 metres apart from others.

There are a fantastic range of local walking and cycling maps available for the north east.

The Scottish Government have also produced advice for dog walkers.

Although we must keep our distance, remember that it is still OK to smile, say hello to others – it might be the only social interaction some people will have that day and it will help brighten your mood.

Our lovely Scottish weather means that we are lucky enough(!) to sometimes see all four seasons in one day so remember to wear layers.

Here are some ideas to keep your walks and rides interesting:

  • Focus on the nature and architecture around you
  • Look out for rainbow pictures in windows,
  • Get involved in local Geocaching
  • Create your own scavenger hunt
  • Listen to your favourite music, podcast or audio book
  • Take photos
  • Collect flowers, spot birds and insects
  • Try walking meditation or use it for your gratitude practise

Using the site can help you to plan new circular routes from your home.