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Here you’ll find helpful, easy-to-understand information about the bus gates so that, whatever your mobility or mode of transport, you can navigate your way around the city centre confidently, safely, cost-effectively and, above all, sustainably.

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Bus Priority - What's it all about?

We all want a thriving city centre that is more attractive and accessible. We all know we need to tackle the unsustainable traffic growth that clogs up our city and damages the environment.

We must therefore act now to reduce traffic but make sure our city centre is still easy to access and get around.

That’s why the new bus priority measures have been introduced.

Sustainable, reliable and affordable transport is key to unlocking our city centre’s potential – making it easier for people and goods to get around and reducing traffic congestion and pollution. This, in turn, leads to a more pleasant and welcoming place in which to live, work, shop, relax and socialise.

The bus gates are the first steps towards quicker, greener, cheaper and safer transport in and around our city.

They also pave the way for broader, longer-term transport solutions that will help in the fight against climate change and support the ambition for a more attractive and vibrant city through the city centre masterplan.

The success of these new measures depends on everyone understanding how they work and making small changes to the ways in which they get about town.

Boosting city centre business

Shoppers can be deterred from going into city centres by traffic congestion and parking stress.

Making it easier to access the city by bus and reducing overall traffic will make it a better experience for everyone, including car users. 

This will, in turn, be a boost for businesses in the heart of the city.

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We're making the bus better

The bus gates are making it easier to get around town. Giving priority to buses in the city centre improves traffic flow, reduces pollution and takes away the barriers that deter people from making the switch to public transport.

More people taking the bus, more often, will lead to a better, more cost-effective service with greater frequency and reliability and reduced journey times.

There’s already been an almost 10% growth in bus use, particularly among younger, older people and students since the measures have come into force.
Since August, over 1million passenger journeys on the bus have been quicker and more reliable. That means that over 350,000 people have benefited.
With punctuality improving to over 95% and journey saving times of around 3% people can be confident they will get to work or into town on time.

    Know where to go if you're driving

    The bus priority measures are helping to tackle the unsustainable growth in traffic and provide a reliable, convenient and cost-effective alternative to the car. But cars are not excluded and drivers can still access the city centre and use the car parks.

    Drivers do however need to familiarise themselves with the new measures. These videos from Aberdeen City Council aim to let drivers know where to go.

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