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Walking to work

Sustainable Travel for your Organisation

Implementing sustainable travel measures can bring a range of benefits to a business; whether it’s reducing the cost of mileage claims or running a fleet, through to improving the health, productivity & morale of your workforce through active travel.

Getabout can assist in a range of ways whether it’s providing advice to help you develop a Travel Plan for your organisation in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire, or supporting your business to implement sustainable measures through Travel Grants and Trials from our partners.

Preparing a plan

Travel Planning

Do you want your organisation to save money and have healthy, motivated staff? Then Travel Planning can help.

As workplaces and employees navigate their way through these difficult and uncertain times Travelknowhow Scotland is keen to offer support to Scottish workplaces to plan for a new, greener normal.

Way To Work Scotland is also good place to start and has information on lots of funding and training resources that are available to organisations.

Travel Grants & Trials

Looking to implement sustainable measures for your business? Getabout partner Nestrans can support your business through Grants and Trials.
Applying for a grant

Nestrans Sustainable Travel Grants

Nestrans have two travel grant funds support organisations and groups across the North East to implement sustainable travel initiatives. These aim to increase travel by public transport, cycling and walking, promote low emission vehicles and reducing the need to travel.

Any organisation based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire can apply for funding towards measures aimed at supporting the development of more integrated and more sustainable transport such as improved pedestrian access, secure cycle parking or even a shuttle bus.

Read more and apply for a grant.

An E Cargo bike

E Cargo Bike Trials

From carrying equipment, parcels and mail to deliveries of groceries, prescriptions or even flowers, businesses are saddling up and exploring the ways in which cargo bikes can complement their business model.

If you are based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire and want to find out if an e-cargo bike could benefit your organisation then apply now to the Nestrans e-Cargo bike project.