Making car travel sustainable

We all want to try and reduce the number of journeys we take by car - particularly when the journeys are short or we travel alone.

Sometimes though, journeys by car are necessary, but that doesn't mean it can't be sustainable. Find out more:

Electric car being charged

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) offer reduced running costs and emissions compared with their petrol and diesel equivalents. EVs in particular have zero tailpipe emissions, are virtually silent and can be fully charged for around £2.50. With less moving parts they are also much cheaper to service!

To make them even better value, all EVs and many PHEVs qualify for grants while the Energy Saving Trust offer interest free loans for electric vehicles.

There is a growing number of publicly-available electric vehicle charge points in Aberdeen City and Shire. These include:

  • Rapid chargers – Capable of recharging a vehicle from flat to 80% in around 30 minutes.
  • 22kW Fast chargers – Capable of recharging a vehicle from flat to full in 2-4 hours.
  • 7kW fast chargers – capable of recharging a vehicle from flat to full in 4-6 hours.

Many of these are part of the Chargeplace Scotland network and have been funded by both National and Scottish Governments.

Person using phone app to book Enterprise Car Club Car

Car Club

A car club provides people with all the convenience and flexibility of a car, without the stress and costs of owning one.

Enterprise Car Club is Aberdeen's official car club provider, in partnership with Aberdeen City Council and Getabout.

Members can hire a vehicle on an hourly or daily rate. There are monthly and annual plans available to suit your needs, including memberships for younger drivers. Just book via desktop or app, in advance or last-minute if needed, and you’re sorted!

Enterprise has a fleet of small, medium and large cars, electric and hybrid and a range of van sizes available too.

In addition, Co-Wheels also run a car club in Aberdeen, having operated in the city since 2012. These vehicles can be found across Aberdeen.

You can view the full list of car club locations in Aberdeen for both Enterprise and Co-wheels,

Both car clubs operate across the UK, so if you become a member in Aberdeen, you have access to vehicles in a range of locations throughout the UK.

People in a car

Car Sharing

Did you know a typical commuter can save around £900 a year car-sharing?

Would you like to find those travelling in your direction and watch your commuting costs plummet?

Brush up on your Carpool Karaoke and find your liftsharing match at Getabout liftshare.

Image of hydrogen powered vehicles

Hydrogen Economy

The North East of Scotland is currently working on a number of projects related to hydrogen, including the production of hydrogen for use as a transport fuel.

Read more about the work to progress Aberdeen's hydrogen economy from Invest Aberdeen