Love to Ride


Love to Ride is the online, community cycling platform for anyone living or working in the Aberdeen City or Shire. On the platform you can log trips, post photos and stories, find local information to support you to cycle, and take part in an engaging year-round calendar of Campaigns - Ride 365.

    Throughout the year we have 5 campaigns with something for everyone, no matter whether you are new to cycling, building your confidence or a regular commuter!

    1. Ride Into Spring (Feb/Mar) - goal setting, quick courses, prizes - warming people gently into our busy calendar.
    2. Now We Ride (Apr - Aug 13th) - in partnership with the UCI Cycling World Championships Team. A UK wide 23 million mile goal. Prizes, information on the champs, and how people can get involved. This campaign will build a buzz around the event and run in the background for 100 days up to and including the event Aug 3rd - 13th.
    3. Bike Month (May) - Workplace challenge with local and national leaderboards. Based on participation and acting as a springboard to Cycle September.
    4. Cycle September - Workplace challenge with local and national leaderboards. Points based, with a focus on encouragement, new riders, and mileage.
    5. Winter Wheelers (Dec) - community wide, providing info to support winter cycling. Small achievable goals to maintain momentum from Cycle September

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