Autumn Adventures

Kick up leaves or cycle among trees - make your own autumn adventures across the North East.

Walking and cycling in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is a great way to get out, get active and explore the beauty we have on our doorstep.

A close up of brightly-coloured padded jackets hanging in a store

Be Bright at Night

If you're out walking or cycling in reduced daylight or the evening, dress brightly to help other travellers spot you.

You don't have to dress head-to-toe in neon or high-viz (though we know a few who can rock that look!). But brightly colored jackets or clothing with reflective strips can help catch light and make you seen.

You can even buy reflective stickers to add to jackets (including cool shapes for kids) or LED bands to wear.

A man has stopped his bicycle on an path covered with fallen leaves, and checks his watch

Cycle Routes

A bike ride in the brisk air followed by a hot drink and maybe a wee cake?! Sounds like a perfect autumn day trip!

Cycle Grampian has a fantastic collection of routes - whether you are interested in road, mountain or recreational cycling.

Recreational Cycling Routes in Aberdeenshire

Cycling in Aberdeen

Cycling on the Formartine & Buchan Way

A close up picture of autumn leaves

Autumn Walks

The crunch of leaves beneath you, cool, crisp air, and stunning autumn colours that bring another dimension to our already beautiful landscapes:

Walking routes in Aberdeen

Walking routes in Aberdeenshire

Walking on the Formartine & Buchan Way

A close up of brightly-coloured padded jackets hanging in a store

The Highway Code

Earlier this year, a range of updates were made to the Highway Code. Among those saw the introduction of a 'Hierarchy of Road Users' which places those most at risk, in the event of a collision, at the top.

While all users must take responsibility, those in charge of vehicles that can cause the greatest harm in the event of a collision bear the greatest responsibility to take care and reduce the danger they pose to others.

A toucan crossing control panel is lit up green, signalling safe for cyclists and pedestrians to cross

Crossing Roads Safely

In bad weather we might be tempted to dash across the road to get out of the rain quicker , but don’t rush or take chances.

For the same reason, we might also look for the quickest way to cross rather than the safest. Cross safely and, where possible, try to use recognised crossings. Avoid crossing near parked cars and busy junctions.

Be alert, not distracted – it's easy in the rain, sleet or snow to want to keep head down - but keep your head up and make sure you can properly see and hear traffic.