Think about the best way to do each journey - can you save money, get fitter, be sociable by finding a different way of getting to work, school or the shops, or visiting your friends and family?

Getabout help to support a range of campaigns throughout the year to get people thinking about their travel behaviour, and supporting them with resources want to make a change.

Whether it's supporting national campaigns such as Walk to Work Month or the Sustrans Journey Challenge, right through to targeted local campaigns raising awareness on things like road safety, clean air, or promoting travel options. You'll hear, see and read our campaigns across a range of channels in the north east.

Below are some examples of our recent and recurring behaviour change campaigns.

Summer Cycling Safety

In 2021, partners across the North East launched a collective campaign that aimed to reduce higher incidents of cycling casualties over the summer.

While this recurring trend for higher cycling incidents over the summer is not unique to the north east, local partners are continuing to work to reduce the number and severity of all casualties, moving towards a vision of zero fatalities on the road network.

The campaign sought to remind cyclists and drivers alike to pay attention to one another, particularly at critical decision-making moments such as junctions and roundabouts.

The campaign was supported by police patrols on key cycling routes, as well as officers working in communities near collision hotspots. In addition, the North Safety Camera Unit continued to carry out speed enforcement on key routes as part of their ongoing work over the summer.


    Winter Road Safety

    Partnering with Road Safety North East, our winter safety campaigns run from November and often into January and February.

    In addition to low sun and often poor weather conditions, and the reduced visibility, road collisions involving pedestrians are at their highest during this period.

    We know from local data that the most common causation factor recorded in these collisions was 'Poor observation', on both the part of pedestrians and drivers.

    Over the darker months we seek to provide pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers with tips and advice, and encourage them to look out for each other.

    Our 2021 'Be Bright at Night' campaign was widely shared by partners across the north east, but also further afield due to the universal nature of its message. The campaign was also recognised at the Scottish Parliament with a motion from Karen Adam MSP. 

    We have re-run the campaign in 2022 and 2023 to continue to highlight the ways in which all road users can look out for one another.


      Spring and Summer Active Travel

      Following changes to the Highway Code in 2022, our Spring and Summer active travel campaigns focused on safe passing, sharing space, and acting with respect, as well as promoting ways to discover local routes and trails.

      While we are lucky to have traffic-free green spaces, such as The Formartine & Buchan Way and Deeside Way, there can be tensions between different users of these routes.

      Among the changes to the Highway Code was the introduction of the 'Hierarchy of Road Users' which places those most at risk, in the event of a collision, at the top.

      While all users must take responsibility, those in charge of vehicles that can cause the greatest harm in the event of a collision bear the greatest responsibility to take care and reduce the danger they pose to others.

      The campaign sought to remind people to brush up on the Code's changes and behave in a respectful way while enjoying shared spaces.


        Sustainable Festive Travel

        Whether you are off to shop for gifts, visit the Christmas market or celebrate with a night out; the festive period is a busy time for travel.

        Each year, Getabout traditionally help to promote Park & Ride services across the north east, encouraging people to consider using either bus or rail based services to get into the city centre, and therefore avoiding being stuck in traffic or busy car parks. Over the pandemic, we promoted safe travel guidance with a festive twist.

        In 2023, we partnered with the North East of Scotland Bus Alliance to promote bus travel into the city centre, following the introduction of the city centre bus priority measures earlier in the year.